Mature Furry Studs Brock Russell & Mike Dreyden

by Kurt on February 11, 2011

Mature Studs Brock Russell & Mike Dreyden


“The Brock is Back” on and Mr. Russell’s brought along a friend, native New Yorker, Mike Dreyden. Mike is tense and Brock starts to give him a neck rub. Things get interesting as Brock unzips his own pants and reaches for Mike’s cock. Brock and Mike start to kiss as their hands explore each other’s bodies. Mike goes for it and swallows Brock’s thick cock to the hilt, pleasing his new BFF. “Stroke it while you suck it” coos Brock as he moans his approval. Brock has Mike lavish his dick with attention until it’s time he gives some back. He pushes Mike back onto the chaise before going at his hard cock. Mike moans and groans as Brock feverishly swallows his meat.

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