Thick Dicked Studs Jorge Fusco & Trent Davis

by Kurt on March 17, 2011

Hairy Studs Jorge & Trent


Jorge Fusco is so hot for Trent Davis that he can’t wait to have him all to himself. He’d been wanting to shove his big thick cock down Trent’s throat ever since he’d seen him in a Randy Blue gay porn video. Trent gives such a hot blowjob that Jorge was ready for more. He flips Trent over and digs his face deep into his beautiful butteating his ass for all it’s worth. When he’s done with his rimjob Trent is all his, giving off those soft sensual moans he’s known for. Trent goes back to Jorge’s cock with renewed passion, taking his big thick monster all the way down his throat. Then Jorge has to make a decision, indulge in his own cocksucking fantasies by going down on Trent, or keep letting Trent work on his dick.

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