AJ Takes Dominic’s Massive Pole

by Kurt on April 1, 2011

Dominic Pacifico & AJ Banks


This week on MenOver30.com, we have a special treat as we welcome back Dominic Pacifico. Also back this week is 21 year old hottie AJ Banks. AJ is fidgeting nervously as he confesses to Dominic that he’s nervous about his scene. It turns out AJ has never bottomed before and he’s heard that Bigger is Better but the thought of that isn’t helping to settle his nerves any. “Well, I’ll be gentle if that helps” reassures Dominic before he starts to kiss AJ’s neck. AJ opens as wide as he can as he goes down on Dominic’s massive pole. Dominic loves the attention; but it’s time to give AJ some in return. AJ gasps as his meat disappears into Dominic’s talented mouth. Dominic’s attention then shifts to that untapped ass as he gets AJ on all four.

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