Triston Drills Muscular Bear Daddy George

by Kurt on July 6, 2011

Triston Drills Muscular Bear Daddy George
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Triston Drills Muscular Bear Daddy George

Today we have a special pair up between muscular bear daddy, George Glass and Dirty Tony veteran, tan and toned Triston Sanchez. They begin by chatting about the Folsom Street fair and George’s penchant for multiple other men’s pee, which Triston seems completely fascinated by. Next they compare their highest quantity of simultaneous lovers in an act, which George crushes Triston’s 12, with his rough estimate of 50. Finally George discusses his love for chest hair as being the epitome of masculinity before they both lock lips in a steamy make out session that gets both of their shirts off and Triston’s rock-solid uncut cock pumping in and out of George’s mouth within minutes. Triston, wanting to see more of George’s hot fuzzy body, reaches over and tries to undress him while getting throated, and finally just pulls away completely to let George sit back and enjoy his own personal recipe for oral fulfillment. Triston unleashes George’s big throbbing meat stick and quickly devours it deep into his tight larynx while George can’t help but moan with the rhythm of Triston’s bestowing of gifts. Changing course again, Triston straddles George’s chest and feeds him his thick Latin dick, while George eagerly swallows it down over and over.  Click here to download full video…

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