Clay Towers Fucks Chad Brock

by Kurt on September 9, 2011

Clay Towers Fucks Chad Brock
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Clay Towers Fucks Chad Brock

Love is in the air at as we welcome back the dynamic duo, Chad Brock and his better half, Clay Towers. They haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks so they’ve decided to have their reunion “union” here with us. They start to make out slowly as their hands begin to explore the familiar. Chad’s shirt comes off as Clay kisses his way down his hairy chest towards that cock he’s missed. He unzips his jeans and goes for it. He pulls it out of his tight briefs and starts to nurse on his growing cock. Clay looks up at his partner to make sure he’s enjoying everything he’s doing on that cock. Clay then stands to give Chad the opportunity to give some back. Chad peels down Clay’s underwear setting his thick cock free. He wraps his lips around that meat greedily takes every inch he’s. By now they’re both rock hard as they stand and make out while rubbing their boners together. Click here to download full video‚Ķ

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