Gorgeous Barebacking Jocks Micah & Solomon

by Kurt on November 4, 2011

Gorgeous Barebacking Jocks Micah & Solomon
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Gorgeous Barebacking Jocks Micah & Solomon

As aggressive/passive as Solomon can be, it was tough trying to figure out what his first full-interaction with a dude would be. Micah thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn’t too sure he could stay hard enough to Top, so he opted to Bottom first time out. Besides, a little (or a lot!) of pain doesn’t seem to be a problem for him. Though he stated clearly that this was a whole new sort of pain he was expecting and was very nervous. We started them off doing some jerking-off together. Solomon comes to attention first, meanwhile, we think Micah has gotten a bit more Bi after doing so much guy-on-guy that he needs some physical contact with a dude to get hard. YEAH! We tried to get him to jerk-off as much as possible so he could add pleasure to his pain, but for the first couple shoots, most of the guys tend to just “take it” rather than focus even on their own cock. They finally hit a pace and though Solomon looks angry through most of this shoot, he was really proud that he handled Micah’s cock. Micah nuts all over his hole, while Solomon, like a pro, encourages him to unload. But getting Solomon to nut is going to be an issue. He seems to be used to having girls ride him, and he tends to lay on his back when he nuts. He also does that leg lock thing to get him over the top. Click here to download full video…

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