Blowing Stocky Hairy Plumber Joe’s Tool

by Kurt on December 8, 2011

Blowing Stocky Hairy Plumber Joe's Tool
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Blowing Stocky Hairy Plumber Joe's Tool

Joe is your typical Irish, Blue Collar New Yorker, loves his beer,  women and blowjobs.. Joe is divorced and has a couple of kids. He is a stocky hairy guy, hard muscles from hard labor but a bit of a beer belly from hanging out in bars after work, he is built like a solid fireplug. He admitted he is doing this for some beer money to go out drinking with his buddies. He is really vocal guy even though has never been blown in this fashion before. To him a mouth is a mouth as longs as it feels good he is happy. Our cocksucker worked hard to please him, working for that blue collar load that was building up in Joe’s hairy nuts. Click here to download full video…

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