Hairy Office Men’s Insatiable Sexual Appetite

by Kurt on December 12, 2011

Hairy Office Men's Insatiable Sexual Appetite
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Hairy Office Men's Insatiable Sexual Appetite

Johnny Hazzard joins the Menatplay team, but already on his first week he’s not making a very good impression with his bosses. When Jean Franko catches him chatting instead of doing his work, he is not at all pleased. But when he finds out Johnny’s been webcamming with his so-called girlfriend, Jean Franko just laughs and instead of turning the webcam off, he orders Johnny to keep it on as he toys with him, threatening to expose him to his girlfriend for what he really is – a two timing liar with an insatiable appetite for thick, uncut dicks. So after ordering him to suck his dick just like he did in his job interview, Jean Franko pulls Johnny’s trousers down and gives his tight ass a good, hard pounding that neither he or his ‘girlfriend’ are likely to forget in a long, long time. Click here to download full video‚Ķ

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