Damien Slams Trent’s Tight Furry Ass

by Kurt on December 24, 2011

Damien Slams Trent's Tight Furry Ass
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Damien Slams Trent's Tight Furry Ass

Trent and Damien try out-playing each other in an old-time video game, but it’s not long before the two competitors start roughhousing, and all that wrestlin’ around quickly has both men forgetting the video game challenge. Horizontal on the oriental, they kiss and rub all over each other before Damien pulls Trent’s shorts down to start sucking his personal joystick. They trade places and Trent gets busy gobbling up every inch of Damien’s meaty rod. Things get kinky when Damien tries sliding one of the actual joysticks up Trent’s rear end but that isn’t good enough. So moving right behind, Damien slams his big cock up Trent’s ass and fucks him hard. Click here to download full video…

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