David Drills Chris’ Hot Tight Asshole

by Kurt on January 6, 2012

David Drills Chris' Hot Tight Asshole
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David Drills Chris' Hot Tight Asshole

David Chase is here to help MenOver30.com kick off 2012 right. David also brought along a familiar face, Chris Stevens, to help out. David comes home lookin’ for his wife but finds Chris baby sitting instead. They start catching up on stuff when David starts to bitch about how his wife won’t put out anymore as he grabs his cock through his shorts. That’s all the invitation Chris needs. Brother in law of the year goes to Chris who is more than happy to perform her spousal duties as he devours David’s cock. David groans as he watches Chris eagerly nurse on his meat. David then stands Chris up and takes Chris’ cock down his throat. David then bends Chris over on the couch and gets to work eating that ass. Chris arches his back wanting to give David all access as David shoves his face deep into that ass sending his tongue deep inside. Chris then straddles that dick and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl.  Click here to download full video…

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