Vic Power Fucks Aaron’s Hairy Ass

by Kurt on January 15, 2012

Vic Power Fucks Aaron's Hairy Ass
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Vic Power Fucks Aaron's Hairy Ass

Working in the vineyard, a very hot and shirtless Vic Rocco takes a moment to rest and enjoy a handful of ripe juicy grapes.  He also enjoys a handful of his thick juicy bulge.  The intoxicating heat has Rocco reeling with pleasure.  Hairy Co-worker, COLT Man Aaron Cage takes notice and moves in for a full on open mouth kiss. Aaron reaches into Vic’s shorts and grabs ahold of that man-sized cock.  That extra-thick piece of meat has Aaron hitting his knees to enjoy a mouthful.   As the heat intensifies the clothes come off, both guys taking turns enjoying the pleasures of sucking cock. Click here to download full video…

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