Furry Stud Ramsey Fucks Cocksucker’s Mouth

by Kurt on February 4, 2012

Furry Stud Ramsey Fucks Cocksucker's Mouth
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Furry Stud Ramsey Fucks Cocksucker's Mouth

Ramsey is a tradesman who installs dry wall and has come back to use a guy’s mouth for his own selfish pleasure. He current gf loves to get fucked but doesn’t like to suck so he occasionally strays. He had been out in NJ riding his brand new Harley. He called us from his hog and asked he there was anyway he could get a blow job or should he go to a truck stop to drop his load? We told him come on over we had a dedicated cocksucker waiting to take his load. He arrived in his leather jacket and big tall boots and his jeans. He took off his shirt revealing his hairy chest and pulled down his jeans while Trey go down on his knees before Ramsey, ready to worship at the altar of his big, hairy cock. Click here to download full video…

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