Versatile Well-Muscled Studs Adam & Spencer

by Kurt on March 30, 2012

Versatile Well-Muscled Studs Adam & Spencer
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Versatile Well-Muscled Studs Adam & Spencer

As the COLT Men arrive on set for the shooting of an upcoming COLT Uniform Calendar, the COLT production crew takes some time to talk with the shirtless and well-muscled Adam Killian.  As Spencer Reed can be seen behind him posing for his photo-shoot, Adam shares about some of his earliest uniform fantasies as well as some new fantasies that come to mind as he watches Spencer’s hot and steamy photo-shoot. Cut to a close-up of Adam standing at attention in his finest Marine Dress Blues.  A white gloved hand belonging to Spencer Reed reaches in and slowly unbuttons each shiny brass button of Adam’s jacket.   With intense eye contact Spencer leans in for a hot man-on-man lip-lock.  Reaching in those bulging dress pants and grabbing a handful of Adam’s thick and meaty cock, Spencer goes down on his knees for some attentive call to duty.  Click here to download full video…

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