Furry Tony Worshiped By Hungry Cocksucker

by Kurt on April 5, 2012

Furry Tony Worshiped By Hungry Cocksucker
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Furry Tony Worshiped By Hungry Cocksucker

We got a text from Tony on Sunday afternoon asking us if there was a sucker around. We texted back that we had one over sucking off a guy at the moment. He texted back telling us to not to let the sucker leave, cause he wants head today! The cocksucker was happy to put his plans on hold and wait around to suck off Tony. Since it was a Sunday, his day off from the family pizzeria, Tony arrived within 30 minutes. He was ready to drop trou as soon as he walked it. He had gotten a blowjob a few days earlier from a girl that he was dating but he says it was such a bad blowjob that he needs a great one to erase the memory. Tony said it was a shame cause she was a real hot girl, but he says if she can’t suck he” ain’t gonna waste his time.”  Click here to download full video…

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