Steve Stretches Marc’s Muscled Ass Apart

by Kurt on April 22, 2012

Steve Stretches Marc's Muscled Ass Apart
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Steve Stretches Marc's Muscled Ass Apart

Steve and Marc get things moving fast. Steve begins by devouring his partner’s big throbbing asset. He soon demands a return on his investment and the men trade places with Marc deepthroating Steve’s cock down to the base. Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc’s cheeks apart and screws him with his power pole. He continues to fuck non-stop as Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back and forth with every jab. Marc grabs ahold of his erect dick and jerks himself off until he shoots his wad. Steve then pulls out and cums, mixing his spooge with Marc’s hefty deposit and both feel satisfied and completely liquidated. Click here to download full video‚Ķ

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