Hairy Jocks Austin & Jamison’s Toilet Encounter

by Kurt on May 26, 2012

Hairy Jocks Austin & Jamison's Toilet Encounter

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Hairy Jocks Austin & Jamison's Toilet Encounter
They start off by eye-balling each other’s equipment at the trough. Austin pisses and then they both start stroking each other till they are hard. Jamison heads for the stall, and Austin really sucks Jamison’s cock with enthusiasm. Jamison returns the favor by sucking on Austin. Jamison’s cock is all hard and ready to be sat on, so Austin climbs aboard while Jamison sits on the toilet. This isn’t exactly an easy position to film but the two really do a fine job showcasing and having fun. They move over to the floor to make things a bit easier. Jamison fucks Austin on his back, his balls slapping against Austin’s ass. Click here to watch or download full length video…

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