Lawson Pummels Hairy Heath’s Sweet Ass

by Kurt on June 1, 2012

Lawson Pummels Hairy Heath's Sweet Ass

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Lawson Pummels Hairy Heath's Sweet Ass
Their big boners ready to bust out of their boxers, Heath and Lawson just can’t seem to get enough of each other. They kiss and grope with heated frenzy before Heath works his way south to his buddy’s crotch. He yanks out his macho mocha-man’s swollen dick and swallows it down greedily. Then Lawson gets his turn to suck cock. After getting Heath’s ass all juiced up, Lawson pierces it with his meat sword. He’s in total control as he fucks, screws, bangs, pummels and punishes Heath’s sweet butt until he finally climaxes and sprays him with cum. Left laying on the white woolly rug, Heath jerks himself off with Lawson helping by jamming his fingers up his ass. It makes him spooge up across his hairy stomach. Click here to watch or download full length video‚Ķ

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